Meantime Chorus is focused on commitment, learning, and improvement. Our audition process reflects this mentality in three stages as potential members progress. If you're interested in learning more please feel free to turn up to a rehearsal to have a sing and meet the music team!

In the first stage of the audition, you are given sheet music and part specific tracks to learn your part to a piece the chorus is currently performing. Your section leader will listen to you sing in the context of the chorus, and give you initial feedback to improve.

Upon completion of stage one, the following week you will sing the same piece of music, but in a quartet. Your section leader will listen for improvement on the suggestions given to you in the previous stage. After this, the music team will grant membership to the chorus, schedule another quartet audition, or offer feedback and resources to improve issues which may currently be barriers to membership.

Meantime Chorus aims to give its members world-class resources to improve and perform at the highest level. While we regret that we may not be able to accept every singer that auditions for us, we know there are many talented groups that we are more than happy to recommend!

— "The audition was quite different to a normal one, with the focus not being on learning the song itself but on demonstrating a willingness and ability to improve your singing and performance!"

— "I get incredibly nervous at auditions, but the way that the music team went about the process was informal yet engaging, helping me to overcome my nerves and audition to my best."

— "The audition process I found quite reassuring, as it was well structured and the people looking after it knew how they wanted it to work!"