About Us

Meantime Chorus was founded in a chilly Greenwich pub garden in November 2015 by a small group of friends who met at Bristol university through their shared love of barbershop singing. Their aim was to keep doing the hobby they loved whilst branching out to other styles and seeing how far they could push their skills. Since then the group has grown from strength to strength and their dedication to first-rate singing has allowed them to delight audiences across the country.

The group's early days were spent rehearsing in a mixture of music rooms, school halls and wherever else we could afford on the outskirts of London! It was here that they started the journey to discover their identity as a chorus. At the same time they were incredibly lucky to be joined by a number of talented singers who have helped them form the group they have today.

Meantime Chorus has been delighting audiences in performances across London. They were also thrilled at becoming the third placed chorus at the British Association of Barbershop Singer's annual convention in 2018. The whole group is excited to see where the future takes them as they strive to inspire audiences around the world.

Simon Arnott

Our Musical Director, Simon Arnott, is a British composer, arranger and musical educator who has worked with several award-winning groups and also directs our sister chorus, LCS. Simon also sings with award-winning quartets Park Street and Trailblazers.